A Podcast, a podcast…my kingdom for a podcast…

You may be wondering – quite rightly – where on earth the new podcast episodes have disappeared to.

Well, to cut a long story short, there are some on their way…

I recorded a ‘review of 2009’ on the 23rd of January – I just haven’t managed to finish editing it yet.

I’ve got a whole host subject matter to be addressed – at the moment it’s just getting time to get everything recorded and editied. Hopefully this is more ‘the calm before the storm’ of new episodes.

At least I’m (just about) keeping on top of Incoming!

Thank you for your patience, and watch this space…

5 Comments on A Podcast, a podcast…my kingdom for a podcast…

  1. *taps fingers*


  2. Hi Neil,

    Just wanted to note my appreciation for all the work you put into this hobby on our behalf. You must be running yourself ragged doing two weekly video roundups, regular blog posts, Scimitar gaming nights, planning for video reviews of minis AND preparing one of the best general minis/gaming podcasts around every month or two! That’s more than most of the other gaming pod/vidcasters can manage and they’re usually working in small groups with people to share the load.

    As much as I enjoy the Incoming videos personally speaking, I wouldn’t mind if we saw those less frequently if we got a more regular podcast and – more importantly perhaps – take the load off you a bit!

    All the best for the future, you can be sure I’ll be watching or listening to whatever you can put out.

  3. *…taps fingers…*


  4. commander_roj // February 11, 2010 at 18:38 // Reply

    I couldnt agree more with Crusoe76 in every respect. Love the audio podcasts so much, and each episode of “View…” is a real treat. Thanks so much!

  5. Not necessarily less video reviews, but definitely more podcasts. I’m much more into them than the video figure shows. Do what makes you happy though, but my vote is for podcast over vid review.

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