Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode XIX

Welcome to Episode XIX of the sci-fi & fantasy edition of the Incoming! Video Podcast
This show looks back at new releases for w/e 12th February 2010, and features miniature releases from West Wind Productions, Micro Art Studioes, Gaspez Arts and Hasslefree Miniatures.

6 Comments on Sci-Fi & Fantasy Incoming! – Episode XIX

  1. I continue to faithfully follow your Incoming episodes, and I should say thank you for the welcome entertainment they provide. I know these take a lot of your time, time spent without any particular reward for you.

    The Mercs figures are a great find, and very well sculpted. I wonder if you know who the sculptor is?

  2. Love the Troll by Gaspez Arts – brilliant figure!
    And yup, hats off to Kev White for the detail and pose etc on that Grymn – not my thing, but fantastic sculpting, esp considering that his figures are somewhat on the ‘small’ side of 28mm.

  3. I really enjoy your Fantasy and Scifi show. Thanks for the reviews. Are you the same guy who used to review miniatures on the Frothers site back a few years ago. If not, your distinctive voice sounds very similar.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Ian

      No, that wasn’t me – that was a chap known as ‘Colonel Marbles’ – yes, I used to love his shows, and they were the direct inspiration for my Incoming! videos


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