Painting Modern British

Yes, you read correctly…I’ve been painting!

This weekend has seen me spend some time painting my Brits for Cold War Commander (Oddizols Osmy 3mm). I’ve got a game on Wednesday, and I’m trying to get as much painted as possible.

At the moment, I’m having mixed success.

The colour scheme and painting method have worked out really well, as has the basing, but I had a minor disaster after the super glue had dried.

As you can see from the above examples, my painting has suffered from the dreaded ‘Super Glue whitening’ effect after they were glued to the bases, which is more that a little annoying, so I’m going to have to touch up and repair at least half the bases I’ve painted.

But, the paint scheme works (Coat d’arms paints: Grey primer, Camoflague Green basecoat plus balck camo, Dark Brown Super Wash and then Tank Drab drybrush) and I’m very impressed with the basing (Coat d’arms Muddy Green Brushscape textured paint, drybrushed with Pale Sand) which is something I’ve not tried before but can highly recommend for this scale.

But at least I’ve finally broken my painting block!

1 Comment on Painting Modern British

  1. Dan Fraser // May 29, 2010 at 18:27 // Reply

    Speed on your base modelling with spray paint. I cut mine to size, then spray them in a grey primer, let dry, spray tan coloured rock texture paint, let dry, spray with green and/or spray with contact cement and sprinkle with flock dust.

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