Gaming Update – February 2010

I’m happy to report that my resolution to play many more miniatures games this year is still on track.

In the past three weeks I have played 3 miniatures games, which I believe is some sort of record for me.

It all started off with a game of Full Thrust Lite a few weeks ago.

We were chatting in the pub about fun, light Space Combat games, and Full Thrust was mentioned as being OK, but far too complicated. I mentioned that there was a ‘Lite’ edition available and before I knew it, we’d arranged a game for the following club night.

Typically, my two Full Thrust fleets are currently in ‘storage’ (still in the clip-seal bags, still in a box) so Tony very kindly leant me one of his…

My opponent Pete posing with the rules…

My Battleship and Heavy Cruiser approach Pete’s Fleet

…Looking all the world like a battle from Star Trek… (very linear)

“That’s what I call a close encounter”

Despite losing horribly, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and I’m looking forward to playing it again.

The following week saw Ambush Z make it to the table for the first time in a long time. Garry had been asking about the rules, and seemed to be very enthusiastic about them having read through the copy I lent him. We played the 3rd Scenario from the book (the one with the downed helicopter) and pitted a single Special Ops team against a horde of Zombies (which Garry had spent the previous week frantically painting!)

Garry surveys the board – “Here be Zombies…”

Start position for the Special Ops team

We had some teething issues (I hadn’t played an Ambush Alley game in a while, so it took some time to get back into the swing of things) but soon got things sorted.

We then had a couple of really fun games. The scenario played in just over an hour, so even with pauses for looking up rules and for chats with other club members we still managed to play twice.

The result? 1 game each. Ambush Z is a great game – we are playing again in a couple of weeks time.

Finally, last week saw us play Blood Bowl. We’d been talking about getting this game out again since before Christmas, so it was great to finally play it.

The teams line up on Bob’s custom-made pitch

Since I didn’t have a painted team (quelle surprise) I borrowed Bob’s Chaos team, and played his beloved Lizardmen.

Kick-off, and the Beastmen get the ball

The Minotaur doing what it does best – flattening the opposition

What followed was fun – really fun – even if it did take us over 2 hours to play (we weren’t exactly rushing, and spent a lot of time chatting about all sorts of ‘other’ stuff). The game ended in a 1-1 draw, with the ball having travelled the length of the pitch twice in each half. Both teams got the ball within a single move of the opponent’s end zone, only to turn the ball over and see the other team run the length of the field to score.

I hadn’t played Blood Bowl in years (well, unless you count playing it on the Nintendo DS) and I’d forgotten just what a fantastic game it actually is. In fact, it almost makes me rethink my opinion on GW’s greatest game…

So, having played this game I’m now committed to getting my own teams out on the pitch ASAP – Humans, Chaos Dwarfs and now Dwarfs are all queuing up on my painting table.

So, 3 minis games in three weeks – with another to follow this week (Cold War Commander) – I must admit, I’m very happy to be playing lots of minis games at the moment.

BTW – Apologies for the poor photograph quality. I have now found my camera tripod, so future pictures should be much better.

2 Comments on Gaming Update – February 2010

  1. Way to go Neil! You are on track to play more minis games this year. Keep up the good work of painting, playing and blogging!!

  2. great pix.
    that pitch looks fabulous.. wotsit made of/hows it made??

    just out of interest re full thrust.. what did people find complex about it? jst finding stuff in the rules, were some tings difficult to understand or were some of the gam mechanics a bit drawn out?

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