Incoming! Episode 38

Welcome to Episode 38 of the Incoming! Video Podcast. This show looks back at my favourite historical miniature release from w/e 12th March 2010.
This week, the show includes new figures from Gripping Beast, Relic Miniatures, Warlord Games and Legio Heroica.

2 Comments on Incoming! Episode 38

  1. Magister Militum 10mm: more 6mm than 6mm. Not a good thing.

    • I agree.

      To be honest (and I know I’m a big fan of them) Baccus have these figures beaten hands down. Baccus figures aren’t that much smaller (they are more like ‘heroic’ 6mm scale) and they are better scuplts, IMO.
      Their new ancients resculpts are really good.

      So, it’s Baccus all the way for me – not only on sculpting quality, but also on price. Better minis for a cheaper price. Can’t go wrong with that.

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