Thump! – it’s here!

As if heralded by my son playing The Battle Hymn of the Republic during his concert last night, a resounding “Thump!” on my desk this morning marked the arrival of Martin Wallace’s latest wargame – Gettysburg.

Produced along similar lines as last year’s Waterloo (which was probably my favourite game of last year) this game allows 2 players to play out one of the most famous battles of the American Civil War using a nicely mounted board and units denoted by wooden ‘meeples’ rather than chits or plastic models.

Everything in the game looks great, although I would have preferred to see the (few) cavalry figures as mounted meeples (in the same way as the cavalry from Waterloo) as opposed to kneeling infantry – although I suppose this does tend to represent the cavalry’s changing role on the battlefield as highly mobile infantry, rather than any form of shock troop.

I’m looking forward to this one – hopefully it will hit the table in very short order.

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