A special announcement regarding Incoming!

I am sorry to inform you all that the latest episodes of the Incoming! Video Podcasts will be the last.

I’ve had tremendous fun producing these shows over the last 11 months, but unfortunately due to other commitments I no longer have the time available to produce these each week.

Please listen to the above annoucement for further details, which includes information of what is going to happen moving forward.

I want to thank everyone who has supported the show by your email and kind comments – you have made the entire project more than worthwhile.

21 Comments on A special announcement regarding Incoming!

  1. Jan Harding // March 31, 2010 at 11:01 // Reply

    Many thanks for all your dedication and hard work. Enjoyed the shows enormously and look forward to the future of Meeples & Miniatures. All the best

  2. Andrew Farman // March 31, 2010 at 13:20 // Reply

    Hi there,

    Really sad news about the Incoming shows, I have found them greatly entertaining, and a great way of viewing figure ranges I otherwise would never have seen.
    But I can understand how much time they must take each week to record.
    Good luck with your other plans however!

    Best Wishes

  3. Completely understandable Neil, can I just say thanks for all the time you have put in on this and all your podcasts

    and I can’t wait to see the review shows


  4. A very brave and eminently sensible decision, Neil. It’s remarkable that you managed to produce as many of these vidcasts as you have, and I’m sure we all look forward to you directing your considerable energies into your other projects.

  5. Although the vidcasts weren’t my cup of tea – hard to watch while walking. I appreciate all the effort you pur into them. You have had a direct influence on my return to miniatures gaming and have opened up several new eras and scales. Whatever you choose to do in the future, you’re efforts thus far are greatly appreciated.


  6. Neil,

    I am really sad to see the demise of the podcast but wholeheartedly understand your reasons for the decision to stop producing the show…SO DON’T FEEL GUILTY!!!

    I first started watching the podcasts when the Sci-fi ones started and have been enjoying them ever since. Although the BoW podcasts are OK, I much prefer your format (without all the extraneous waving of hands and bizarre on-screen comedy(?) that BoW show).

    I wish you well in your future endeavours and look forward to seeing your future work.

    Thank you very much for the last 25 Sci-fi podcasts, I have enjoyed every one of them and really appreciate the effort that you put into making them all.


  7. Thanks for doing them, you introduced me to several companies I had never heard of and am now the proud owner of figures from them. We are in a great period of miniatures history, but the diversity that is out there is hard to keep up with. Your show was a great for letting me know what was going on. I will miss it, but really thanks again for doing it in the first place, it has been brilliant.

  8. It is a pity as I found the round-ups quite useful, but for me the best things about M&M are the in-depth reviews in the main podcaast and the long discussions with Henry in TVFTV so I’m looking forward to the next podcasts sometime soon.


  9. I will be sorry to see these go, as I quite enjoy them, however there is nothing to apologize for: you’ve given us a year of great news & entertainment with these out of your own time. I’ll be looking forward to any of your future projects.

  10. Runs With Scissors // March 31, 2010 at 20:13 // Reply

    Thanks for all your efforts over the past year. I really like Incoming, but frankly it seemed like Meeples and Miniatures has been on the back burner for a while. I hope you are able to put a bit more energy back into what I still think is the number one gaming podcast. Or who knows, maybe you fancy getting some of your own stuff painted instead of talking in the background whilst I do mine? Thanks again.

  11. Thank you Neil for all the vid-casts and time you put into Incoming. I’m sure whatever future project you put out will be eagerly watched by fans you’ve earned with Incoming.

  12. Neil, many thanks for all your efforts and good luck with your future projects.

  13. Neil you really have nothing at all to feel guilty about, your time and life are your own to lead.

    I for one am extremely greatful for all the hardwork you have put into the various media you have released, and trust me when i say your produce has gotten me through more than few mind numbing sessions of sorting out castings.

    Thanks for everything, come and say hi if you make it to Salute. Craig @ Critical Mass Games

  14. I’m sorry that this is no longer going to be produced. I take the train into work every morning and your podcasts were short enough to be enjoyed and full of information. I feel like I’m losing a traveling buddy 😦

    Best wishes for all your future endeavors Neil!!

  15. Dyanth Kajira // April 1, 2010 at 01:42 // Reply

    I didn’t discover your vidcasts until about 3 months ago but your insights and tastes in miniatures became something to look forward to at the end of my work weeks. You’ve done an amazing job and I believe been an insperation for those of us in the hobbie who have enjoyed your casts. As deeply as I applaud your quality and dedication to your work here I applaud your decision to focus on personal matters more. Its always hard to give up doing something you enjoy but when you are doing it for the right reasons it is never a wrong choice. I hope that the time and energy you put out here brings you many happy returns both from the community of avid followers you amassed here and your friends and family in real life. Best of luck in future endeavers

  16. Good plan Neil.

    More time for life.
    More time for fun.
    More time for comprehensive miniature reviews.

    Sounds good. 🙂

  17. Neil,

    I’ll be really sorry to see these go, but I am sure everyone who’s listened will understand. They must have taken hours. Just think how much more time you will have to do other things….painting, purchasing figures, gaming :). However, I just want to say a huge thank you for doing so many. It’s been a sterling effort. You have brightened up a great many lunch breaks at work!!!

  18. Thank you everyone for your very kind words – it’s very touching to know how many people have been enjoying what I’ve been doing.

    I just want to assure you that I have no plans to cancel either Meeples & Miniatures or View from the Veranda – and indeed, M&M epsecially should benefit from this move.

    And as I said, I’m not moving out of Video completely, so you should still get a 10 minute video fix every couple of weeks, as well as the audio stuff.

    Thank you again for all your support.

  19. clibinarium // April 2, 2010 at 12:31 // Reply

    I’ve watched the reviews since the outset, and I’ve always enjoyed them, whether I agreed with the comments or not! I have to say that one of my most pleasant surprises of the last year or so was seeing some of my work at No.1 one week (Khurasan Huns). I nearly choked on my tea!

    Anyway the vidcast will be sorely missed, but as others have said; if its no fun anymore don’t feel guilty.

  20. Jeff Chorney // April 3, 2010 at 16:56 // Reply

    Neil you have been an inspiration to all of us war gamers and modellers. We all understand your decision. All the best to you and don’t be sorry we all appreciate your efforts…Jeff

  21. Sorry to see the end of the show, but just wanted to add a big thank you for the heaps of (obvious!) effort you put into these over the past year
    Good luck with the new project

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