Favourite mini of last week – w/e 2nd April

I know that I said that I wasn’t producing Incoming! anymore, but I thought I’d still let you know what my favourite min of last week was.
This week was a hands down win for a new mini from Dark Sword Miniatures – not only because it’s a fantastic sculpt from Dave Summers, but also the awesome paint job by Marike Reimer.

It is,  of course, the new Guinea Pig Samurai…

All together now…”Superb

8 Comments on Favourite mini of last week – w/e 2nd April

  1. Very cool mini and a superb paintjob. I am not sure what game it could be played in. But very neat.

  2. Darsc Zacal // April 5, 2010 at 19:08 // Reply

    Outstanding sculpting. Outstanding painting.

    Thank goodness you’re still keeping a finger in the new miniatures pool Neil, or I would have missed this.

  3. The paint work is masterful. Great character fig for skirmish or role playing for sure.


  4. Wonderful use of blending on the Kimono. And those eyes have such great depth.


  5. Que???

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