Miniature Review – Bolt Action Miniatures 28mm Red Devils Box Set

Welcome to Episode 2 of the Meeples & Miniatures Miniature Review show.
In this episode, I review the 28mm Red Devils Box Set, produced as part of the Bolt Action Miniatures Range from Warlord Games.

5 Comments on Miniature Review – Bolt Action Miniatures 28mm Red Devils Box Set

  1. Hi there,

    Another excellent review. I had wondered what the Bolt-Action figures were like, but as I’m collecting WW2 in 20mm using the Disposable Heroes rules, I did not really want to order some to find out.

    Out of interest, do you know what the figure mix is like in their other two paratrooper sets, do they suffer the same problem ?

    Another great review, many thanks.

    • Andrew

      Looking at the other box sets, they have a similar sort of problem – both have the same make up (command section, rifle squad, support weapn) but have different model counts – US Airborne 21, Falschirmjager 22.
      Both the US Ariborne and the Falschirmjager have 81mm mortars as their support weapon, but only the US have an A/T weapon (a bazooka) – the Germans have 2 FG42s instead.

      So yes, similar issues I would suggest. Again, how many mortars would the average 28mm gamer require on his force? I can’t see you ever needing more than 1 myself.

  2. Another excellent review Neil, I never even picked up on the possible use of the contents until you raised it

    Lets see if this podcast kicks off another long discussion like the last one



  3. Dear Gang:

    It almost seems as if Bolt Action extrapolated a U.S. paratroop OB into the British context. For example, American Airborne platoons have a radioman, machine gun team, etc. At the same time, American Airoborne platoons did not have dedicated snipers, etc. In other words, it almost seems as if Bolt Action wanted the British sets to mirror the American and German sets. Just a thought, as I am no expert on the various formations.


    David L.

  4. brilliant, this gave me the consideration i had needed, did i purchase these, and then need to create new scenics to go with them, or adapt my 15mm fow stuff.

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