Meeples & Miniatures @ Salute, 24th April

I will be attending the Salute wargames show at the Excel Centre in London this coming weekend – 24th April.

I will be part of the gang from Scimitar Wargames Group who will be running participation games of Roborally throughout the day – we will be on stand GD14, which is at the far end of ailse ‘D’ on your left as you come in the entrance – we are by the trade stands for B.B. Wargames and Brigade Models.

If you’re coming to the show, please say ‘Hi’ if you see me – I will be somewhat difficult to miss, being the rather large bloke wearing a black ‘Meeples & Miniatures’ polo shirt.

Hope to see you there…

5 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures @ Salute, 24th April

  1. Difficult to miss …?

    Is that because you will be looking so stylish and dapper in your designer ‘meeples and miniatures’ polo shirt you’ll stand out from the rest of us… um… larger blokes dressed in black…


    • …difficult to miss…?

      …what can I say? Big, black and virtually hairless.
      I create my own gravity well (a fact I’m not proud of, but there it is…)

  2. Hi Neil

    I’ll be there working on the Musketeer Miniatures stall (TE01)which is on the main entry wall at the top of row D, but I’ll pop over and say hello

    I’ll also be wearing a black t-shirt as it seems to be the fashion accessory of 2010

    Also I am staying in the premier Inn next door to Excel if anyone fancies a pint



  3. …and black is SSSSOOOOOOOOOOO slimming… Um… Yeah right !

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