Exciting news from Ambush Alley Games…

I had an email from Shawn Carpenter at Ambush Alley Games last night, which announced some very exciting news for the company. They have just entered into a publishing agreement with Osprey Publishing which will see a brand new omnibus edition of the Ambush Alley main core rulebooks published in 2011.

Following on from this, Ambush Alley & Osprey will be releasing new companion books of scenarios, special rules and organisations for several specific modern military operations.

This is great news for Ambush Alley Games, and really shows that they have ‘arrived’ in the main stream of wargaming. Ambush Alley and Force-on-Force have been my favourite rules for Modern and World War II skirmish play, and whatever you may think of Field of Glory, you can’t deny that Osprey did a fantastic job in publishing a great looking set of rules and supplements.

Ambush Alley & Force-on-Force are a great complement to Osprey’s World War II and Modern book range – especially such things as their new ‘Raid’ series – and so I’m really looking forward to what this news will bring in the next year or so…

Following on from this, I’m hoping to be able to grab another interview with Shawn Carpenter in the near future to try and find out some more details…

4 Comments on Exciting news from Ambush Alley Games…

  1. commander_roj // April 21, 2010 at 11:24 // Reply

    This is good news. I am thinking of getting Ambush Alley for a bit of unconventional warfare action in 15mm at some point. Neil, you sold me on this talking about Black Hawk Down in one of your reviews. I’d never seen it until then. So you’ll have to answer to my wife!

  2. Mervyn Douglas // May 11, 2010 at 22:24 // Reply

    Hey Neil, I don’t have any modern rules but I’ve been tempted (mainly by you!!) to try these out in 20mm…now given this news should I go ahead and join SOG and get these rules now, or wait until the 2011 relaunch?? What would your advice be on that one??

    • Mervyn

      Excellent question…well presented.

      Personally, having seen the publishing job that Osprey did with FoG, I would be inclined to wait for the re-print.

      That isn’t detracting at all from the current rules, but given that part of the reprint seems to be a merging of the rulesets, then I’d be inclined to wait and get everything together…

  3. Mervyn Douglas // May 12, 2010 at 13:33 // Reply

    Thanks Neil – I guess it would still be worth joining SOG in the meantime but as it will take me a year to paint up figures etc I think you are right about the rules.
    I’m a late arrival to your podcasts and have downloaded them all and am making my way gradually through them. I’m only just up to Salute 2009 (episode 49 I think) – I was there and also at Salute 2010 but unfortunately I didn’t know what you looked like at that time or I would have said hello! As it happens I have seen you previously at Eastbourne last year, but that buffoon Henry Hyde said you were his brother so I didn’t think anymore about it!!!
    Love your rules reviews – I acquired Space Hulk and NUTS solely because of you, and Ambush Alley and Command & Colours Ancients are now on my radar.

    It’s been around for a while now but I’d love to hear a review of Crossfire (mainly to help me understand it!). Not that you were asking!

    Cheers and keep up the good work.


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