Plastic Dwarves – I’m doomed

Anyone who has seen an edition of my Fantasy & Sci-Fi Incoming! show will know that my favourite fantasy race is Dwarves.

I always used to play a dwarf in D&D, and I have a certain affinity with them – don’t ask me why (especially since I couldn’t grow a beard to save my life) – maybe it’s the axes and crossbows…

Up until know, with the exception of a couple of Blood Bowl teams, I have managed to steer clear of collecting a Dwarf army. I was probably most tempted by the Dwarfs from Vendel Miniatures, which are just fantastic (Dwarfs meet Noggin-the-Nogg)

Now Mantic have announced that their next plastic army will be Dwarves

Plastic Dwarves – an affordable Dwarven horde…will my resolve finally crack?

3 Comments on Plastic Dwarves – I’m doomed

  1. I haven’t seen the Mantic figures in the flesh (so to speak) but they are very tempting

    I’m hoping someone will be stocking them at Salute so I can have a look at them (and probably buy a box)


    PS Neil have you looked at the fantasy addons for Impetus, it’s very good and well playing (maybe with plastic Dwarves)



  2. The initial artwork reminds me very much of one of the ‘classic’ GW Dwarf armies from back in the day…

    Anyone remember the famous ‘blue & white’ Medieval Dwarf army that Wayne England painted?

    According to the articles on the web, this was back in White Dwarf 144 from 1991 (back in the heady days of WFB 3rd Edition)

    There are some days when you feel old… 😦

  3. soon the plastic mountain will be leaning over the lead one…

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