Miniatures Review – Reinforcements By Post

Welcome to Episode 5 of the Meeples & Miniatures Miniature Review Show.

In this show, I do something a bit different, and rather than review a miniatures range, I’m reviewing a miniatures painting service: Reinforcements By Post

3 Comments on Miniatures Review – Reinforcements By Post

  1. Hi.

    Again a really excellent show, and very helpful, I’ve been wanting to do Blackpowder in 6mm, but I know I just don’t have the time to paint an army or two myself, so this seems a viable alternative…

    Again mant thanks!

  2. Very interesting, Neil, a nice departure.

    I’m a little concerned by the bendy bayonets and sergeants’ half-pikes, so I’m not entirely sold on the ‘rice krispy’ packaging; nor am I a particular fan of the Old Glory figures, but I can see that they offer a value-for-money option for someone wanting to build up 28mm armies on a budget.

    The paint job, however, looks perfectly adequate, and the ‘museum’ standard actually looks impressive. It would be interesting to see the effect on something like a Perry or Victrix figure.

    See you at Salute, buddy!

  3. Hi Henry

    Neil from Reinforcements by Post here. I have learnt never to bend and unbend bayonets etc. I just leave them alone as they become weak and eventually break.

    When you see those bent bayonets they are in the same state that I originally got the figures from Old Glory.

    The purchaser can choose to straighten the bayonets. The advantage here is that they haven’t been straightened several times before this and so they are going to be stronger.

    I don’t want to score points by having straight, but weak, bayonets going to customers.

    Because I paint millions (yes, I do paint a lot!) of figures I have to think carefully about the liability of anything I do. If customers got figures from me that lost their bayonets after a couple games the comments on would kill my business.

    Of course if you are just painting for yourself and keeping your figures at home you can afford to follow the “straight path”. The issue is only clear once you have a painting service.

    Cheers, and thanks again for the review Neil,

    Neil (the other one)

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