Salute 2010

Just to say a huge ‘Thank You” to everyone who came by and said ‘hello’ to me at Salute at the weekend – it was great to chat with you.

I really enjoyed the show – though most of the time we (that is, Scimitar Wargames Group) were really busy running our RoboRally Game.

I did get chance to have a couple of swift wanders around the hall but I didn’t notice all that was going on (if you want to know more, check out Steve Blease’s videos or the 3 pages of pictures from Joe Dever.

I think my favourite games of the day were the Sengoko Jidai game from Oshiro Modelterrain, The Perry’s wonderful Battle of Tewkesbury 1471, the Projekt X game from Scarab Miniatures (with a great idea for using my 1/48th scale UFO), the Red Hawk Down game from Chemins de Feu, A Rig Too Far – a Dr Who game complete with an oil rig and Sea Devils – by the Doctor Who Miniatures Game, Par la fenetre, avec des epees – a fantastic large scale Three Musketeers game from Crazy Bear and Ragged Staff, and finally Anakin’s Solution, may the Brick be with you, a great Star Wars game using Lego by Dark Knights and Bloody Dawns.

On the purchasing front, I did remarkably well…

  • 4 Packs of Zombies for Incursion
  • 3 APE suits (2 grunts, 1 HMG) for Incursion
  • 1 Jagerhund for Incursion (use as a Blitzhund)
  • The MI-13 pack, again for Incursion
  • Project X German Powered-Armoured Trooper with Panzerschreck
  • 42mm Samurai with Yari and Ikko-Ikki with katana from Steve Barber Models
  • Several packs of MDF bases from Warbases

I managed to resist buying anything else – as far as modelling projects are concerned, I have something of an abundance to work with at the moment (more of which later).

A good day out – thoroughly enjoyable.

8 Comments on Salute 2010

  1. Hi Neil

    good to meet up again, my shopping list was a bit smaller then yours, must be due the fact I spent all day slaving on Bills stall

    mind you I am amazed by the lack of Dwarves in you list don’t tell me you are going off the little chaps, or are you waiting for Mantic to relese theirs 😉


    • You’d be surprised at the lack of Dwarves in my collection – I’m still mourning the demise of the Squats from W40K…

      But yes, the Mantic Dwarves are a distinct possibility…

  2. Markus Schenk // April 27, 2010 at 21:01 // Reply

    Hi Neil
    nice to meet you in person. Your Robo Rally game was pure fun.
    But, there was no Robo-Dwarf in your game ;->
    Maybe we’ll meet again next year with more time to chat, or come abroad and visit Crisis show this Year in belgium??

    Cheers Markus

  3. Will 2010 Salute be the subject of a podcast?

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