New games that could be worth a look…

There are several games coming out over the next few months that have peaked my interest – here are some of them…

First up there is the new game from Pilot – the same people who previously brought us Duel in the Dark, which is a favourite game of mine.

Duel of the Giants is a game about tank warfare on the Eastern Front during World War II. It looks to have some similar aspects to the previous game, with pre-planned movement for one side (in this case, the Germans) and a ‘swing-o-meter’ style victory point track.

The thing to look at with this game is the production value – Duel in the Dark was a very pretty game, with lots of great components. Hopefully, this game will be the same – it promises plastic miniatures with Tiger tanks, T-34s and even a Stuka – and if the board and card piece artwork is up to the same standard then this will be a great looking game.

I’m not sure if gameplay would be limited or not, but on the strength of my enjoyment of Duel in the Dark, I’m looking forward to this very much.

You can find out more on the Z-Man website, including a download of the rules and an example of play. The game is due for release in July.

Fantasy Flight Games have just announced a new card game – and would you believe that it’s based on one of my all time favourites, Space Hulk.

It looks as if FFG are set to cash in on the hype that was generated when the Space Hulk special edition was released last year – and I must admit I find this concept both interesting and strange at the same time.

How could you possibly convert a 2-player board game like Space Hulk into a card game, and what’s more, this looks to be a multi-player co-operative game.

The simple fact that this bears the name Space Hulk makes it interesting, so it my well be worth keeping an eye on how this develops.

Luckily, FFG do a great job previewing their upcoming games, so expect to see much more news on this at the official FFG site.

No news yet on a planned release date.

Due out next week, if the publishing date is to be believed, is a game that has been long-awaited for two or three years – Battles of Napoleon, The Eagle and the Lion.

This games looks incredibly pretty,  with plastic miniatures produced by Italeri and several large boards with great artwork. There have been many pictures posted on Boardgamegeek, and it just screams “Buy Me!”.

It’s interesting that this is coming out at a similar time to the much-anticipated Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, and indeed, initial comparisons would seem to indicate that BoP will be to C&C:N what Tide of Iron was to Memoir ’44.

It may be possible though that many people may be put off by the price – a big box with plastic pieces means a big price tag, and from what I’ve seen this could cost upwards of £75  – which is a very expensive proposition.

Given that I already wargame this period in 6mm – or at least, I have the figures and rules to wargame this period – I think I might end up giving this a miss.

More info again at the official FFG site.

Finally, coming up in September is a nice looking game from AEG. Alternative World War II seems to be a very popular genre at the moment, and it looks like Dust Tactics will finally see the light of day.

This was expected to come out at the same time as AT-43, and has been another game that has been a long time in coming. However, it finally looks like it’s going to happen, and the game and several expansion are due out in the next year, starting in September.

Again, price may be an issue, as I think it was with AT-43, so it will be interesting to see what the price point of the starter set is likely to be. That said, there is an awful lot of minis in the original game, and I expect that each expansion will contain a similar number.

I’d like to get this game – although with the games and minis I’ve already got for Project X,  Incursion/Secrets of the Third Reich and Tannhauser, it may be Alternative WW2 overload, so it’s another case of ‘wait and see’.

But the minis look really nice, and of all these games, this is the one I’m looking forward to the most.

More details can be found at the official website

3 Comments on New games that could be worth a look…

  1. Hey.
    I had read on the ‘tabletop gaming news’ website suggestions that the price for ‘Dust Tactics’ might be $100 unpainted and $300 for the set painted… gulp… like the art, like the figs, like the setting, but me no like the price !
    But maybe it won’t be that bad… But still tempted… despite. But is $100 that bad nowadays I wonder.
    Anyone else heard anything on price ?

    • Gulp!

      If we are looking at $100 for the base set, plus we then have 3 planned expansions in the next year, I think it puts it out of the running.

      It looks great, but with everything else I’ve got on, that extra cost just isn’t available.


  2. I think for me, it will have to be a damn good set of rules to convince, without that, I think no as well.

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