Latest gaming – Incursion

Last Wednesday night saw me make it down to Scimitar Wargames Group for the first time for a couple of weeks – and I’m glad that I did, as I finally got chance to get Incursion to the table.

I played the first scenario – Recon – with Garry.

This scenario has two Grunt APEs versus a whole host of Sturmzombies – and is quite a difficult scenario to win, as the Allied played has to constantly trade off kiiling the ever-growing zombie horde with actualy moving through the complex.

Despite the somewhat grim looking position above, I did actually manage to win the game from here (though only just!)

First impressions of the game are very good, although it has to be said that playing with miniatures would vastly improve the look and feel of the game.

3 Comments on Latest gaming – Incursion

  1. How does it compare to Space Hulk and Tannhauser?

    Not really heard anything about it, but your right Mini’s would look really nice. Instead of cardboard stand ups. Supprised there was no plastic minis in the box.

    • I am going to review this on the Podcast soon…promise…

      Space Hulk? It’s both better and worse. Or maybe just different. It’s close enough a game that sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are not playing Space Hulk with Zombies (for example, the average Grunt has 3APs a turn instead of 4APs for a Space Marine) but then there are different mechanics in Incursion that do make it different from the Space Hulk experience – the card play mechanic is actually very good.

      I can’t compare it to Tannhauser yet, as I own the game but have never played it. This will change now the new revised rulebook is about to arrive.

      As for minis – I do own a full set of minis for Incursion – but they are metal 28mm minis (plastic minis would have been too expensive to produce for the game, I think)
      They are fantastic, but if you are looking to go down this route, be prepared to shell out some major cash. I got the basic starter sets for the US Lucky Seventh plus the German SWD. I’ve then got myself a couple of extra APE Grunts (I could still use an extra HMG) and extra Bltzhund and several packs of Zombies, plus the new MI-13 figures so that you can play Incursion with the British Commando rules.
      Plus I got the resin terrain from Fenris Games…
      That puts well over £150 onto the price tag. (Ouch) – luckily, you can use the metal figures in the Secrets of the Third Reich game.

  2. Glen Cote // May 28, 2010 at 22:35 // Reply

    Looking forward to your review.

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