BAOR circa 1977(ish) for CWC – The Ground Forces

As promised, I’ve finally managed to take some pictures of my finished British Army of the Rhine Armoured Brigade that I’ve painted for Cold War Commander.

All that said, I’ve noticed a few chips and bits that I need to touch up whilst I was taking the pictures, and as a whole they still seem to be suffering from that white ‘clouding’ problem I had with the super glue earlier in the year, so I will have to see what I can do to address it.

All models are 1/600th Scale, taken from Oddizols Osmy Modern British range.

Command & Support Bases

First up is the Command Base (front right), the FAC (front left), FV438 Swingfire battery (rear left) and Tracked Rapier Battery (rear right)

Mechanised Infantry Bttn #1

We have 2 Mechanised Infantry Battalions, each consisting of a HQ unit, with 3 Companies of Infantry (FV432), a HMG Platoon, a Milan Platoon, and a Mortar Platoon. Each Battalion also has a Recon section of Fox Armoured Cars and a base equipped with Blowpipe SAM.

Mechanised Infantry Bttn #2

Then we have the ‘Teeth’ of the Armoured Brigade – 2 Armoured Regiments, both equipped with Chieftain Tanks

Armoured Regiment #1

Each regiment has 12 troops of tanks, plus a Command Base and a Recon Base (Scorpians)

Armoured Regiment #2

Finally, we have the Artillery Support – 2 Regiments, each of 3 Batteries

Artillery Support

On the left we have 3 batteries of Abbots, whilst on the right, 3 batteries of M109’s – two FAO stands complete the support units.

Tomorrow – the Helicopters…

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