Game Review – Zombie Dice

Zombie Dice is the latest release from Steve Jackson games, and is one of those ‘classic’ push-your-luck style dice rolling games.

Players take the roll of zombies, who are all out to eat the brains of their hapless victims. The victims are represented by dice, and are of 3 different colours…green, yellow and red.

Players take it in turn to randomly select 3 dice from the 13 available, and then roll them. Each dice can give 3 possible results:

  • A brain – Yum! You score 1 point
  • Footsteps – Your victim has outrun you, but you could still catch them
  • Shotgun blast – Ouch! You victim has shot you.

Each dice that rolls a ‘Brain’ you set aside to score. Each dice that rolls a ‘Shotgun Blast’ you set aside as wounds this turn. Dice with ‘Footsteps’ can be rolled again.

So, you roll 3 dice, set aside ‘Brains’ and ‘Blasts’, and then replenish your hand back to 3 dice and roll again – if you want to.

You can stop at any time and score your Brains, or you can carry on and try to get more…but if you accumulate 3 or more ‘Shotgun Blasts’ you forfeit your score for this turn.

The game ends when one player gets to 13 Brains – everyone else then has 1 last turn in order to try and beat that score.

So, a classic push-your-luck game, but the twist comes with the dice. The different colour dice represent victims of differing toughness. So, green dice are weak victims, who are eaten ½ the time, and only shoot you on a 1-in-6 chance. Yellow dice are your ‘average Joe’ and have an equal chance of being eaten, running away or shooting you, whereas red dice are tough hombres who will shoot you ½ the time and only get eaten on a 1-in-6 chance.

The main game component, as you would expect, are the dice, which are really nice. They are deeply etched, which means that they should give long playability. If you are a dice freak then the game is worth owning just for these alone.

The game requires you to keep score turn by turn, but doesn’t come with anything that allows you to do so, so you will need to add plastic counters or glass beads to the game. Also, you have to draw dice randomly, which means using the container that the game comes in to draw the dice out of. After two plays of the game, my container was already showing signs of wear, so you may want to consider using a dice bag to draw the dice out of instead.

Overall, this is a good filler game – it’s certainly very light, but is pretty fun as dice games go, and can play with a large amount of players.

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