Recent Gaming – Last few weeks @ Scimitar

I’ve managed to get several games in over recent weeks, excluding my recent trip to the UK Games Expo:

Shadows Over Camelot – note the unusual inclusion of the blog author in a game photo(!)

A few weeks ago we had a truly massive game of Shadows Over Camelot (Including the Merlin’s Company expansion) – 7 players in total, and we somehow managed to avoid having a traitor in the game  – despite the fact that with 7 players, we could have potentially had two.

It didn’t stop us losing though. In spite of all the more recent co-operative games to hit the market, this one is still a classic.

Two weeks ago saw me teaching our newest club member how to play Commands & Colors: Ancients – he decided to dive in the deep end and we played Zama. It was a good couple of games, and I thin Ian thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Whilst is still prefer this game with figures, there is no getting away from the fact that even with 4 expansions, the game is wonderfully portable when you play with the blocks – and it still looks elegant on the table.

Last Wednesday saw a revisit to Cold War Commander – and finally a chance to field my British under my command.

It was a pretty big set up – 8000 points of British vs 4000 points of Russians (The paper tape on the battlefield denote possible minefields), with the British having a chance to attack the Russians.

We only had time to play a for a couple of hours, so we were only just getting into the crux of the battle when we had to pack up, but we had a good time – even if my command rolls were horrible (I managed to roll 3 critical command failures in 4 turns!)

I did manage to get my Jaguars onto the board, for what turned out to be a very brief appearence – this was one of the funniest moments of the battle.

The Jaguars (in the middle of shot) were called in to attack the units in the centre of town, which was the objective of the assualt (highlighted in red). I rolled virtually a maximum deviation (6,6,4 on 3d6) and so the planes overshot the target…to find themselves plum in the middle of 3 AA units (highlighted in white).

The sky above the target burst into multicoloured flame as 21 dice worth of attacks flew into the British Jets – needless to say, the outcome was not good 🙂

Some excellent games played in the last few weeks then…and more to come, with the likes of Conflict of Heroes, Command Horizon and Hammer of the Scots already in the diary.

2 Comments on Recent Gaming – Last few weeks @ Scimitar

  1. Uwe Eickert // June 14, 2010 at 20:05 // Reply

    Let me know how your Conflict of Heroes game works out. I enjoyed your game reviews above. 🙂
    Uwe Eickert

  2. commander_roj // June 16, 2010 at 12:49 // Reply

    I look forward to seeing a report on Command Horizon. The rules look interesting although i have never played them having previously used Dirtside 2, then Iron Cow and more recently at the club doing a few games of FWC (which we have some doubts about). Depending on your report maybe we could give them a try here sometime, although we would have to adjust the units to fit our own.

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