5 Comments on Miniatures Review – Wargames Factory Zulu Warriors

  1. Neil

    You can’t polish a turd.


    • Very true – I dislike being particularly harsh or negative, so I always try and find the positives in anything I review.

      …it was somewhat difficult in this case.

      Their heart is in the right place, but the execution is lacking somewhat.

  2. Neil,

    Great review. I think your honest assessment of pro’s and con’s is refreshing in the review ‘market’. Pointing out the cost v.s. quality is important and highlights some of the reasons why say GW models, while much more pricey, come with some very distinct advantages (little to no mold lines, easy assembly, fantastic detail, etc.)

    I was also wondering if they detail issues with Wargames factory emerge from the fact that their models seem to be produced by 3-d printing, rather than original hand sculpted models? This process may allow them to produce much cheaper models at the cost of a bit of finer detail. Do you know for certain whether they 3-D print or not?

    Please keep up the great work. I don’t even play historicals and I love your reviews.

    • Mike

      I think your comment regarding 3-D Printing probably hits the nail on the head. I believe Wargames Factory do use only 3-D printing rather than the 3-up sculpting of companies like the Perry’s and Warlord.

      As I hope you will see from a couple of upcoming reviews, the difference is pronouced.


  3. well balanced review Neil, it would interesting to see if you could do one of the newer ranges WF do to see if they have improved.


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