100,000+ downloads

I was uploading my latest vidcast to libsyn yesterday, and happened to notice that June has seen the podcast pass the milestone 100,000 downloads.

Many thanks to everyone for the continued support and encouragement.

6 Comments on 100,000+ downloads

  1. Congratulations there…. er…. is a million the next goal then ?!

  2. well done mate

  3. Congratulations – a great effort. How’s the new painting plan going? And is the next VFTV any nearer?

    • New painting plan? Well, it got waylaid by my Command Horizon opponent actually buying and painting an army, so I’m currently finishing off my own Command Horizon Army.

      The scarey thing is, that will mean I’ve painted two armies this year!

      VftV? Well, both Henry and I are completely swamped at the moment, so I suspect that it won’t be for at least another 6-8 weeks 😦

  4. Yeah yeah…

    Just get the next Meeple out!


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