Miniature Review – Wargames Factory Numidians

Welcome to Episode 7 of the Meeples & Miniatures Miniature Review show. In this episode, I take a look at a release from Wargames Factory – 28mm Hard Plastic Numidian Light Infantry

9 Comments on Miniature Review – Wargames Factory Numidians

  1. Another well rounded review Neil

    it’s good to see the releases are improving and as you say if you want cheap figure then these are one way to go

    I think WF design their figs via imaging software as opposed to getting 3 up’s sculpted and this may be a reason for flat detail and other dodgy bits that you noticed

    it would be interesting to see you review something like Gripping Beasts Vikings to see if a sculpted figure made into plastic has more detail and definition then a computer generated one


    • Mike,

      Next up are two reviews of plastic sets from Warlord Games – the difference is striking…

      I’m hoping to get hold of a box of Gripping Beast Vikings and Immortal Greeks to compare the differences…and hopefully at some point some Perry & Victrix plastics so that I can end up doing a ‘mega’ review of who does the best plastics…


  2. Michael Epting // June 26, 2010 at 21:24 // Reply

    I always love watching and/or listening to your reviews. Thank you so much for taking the time to provide them for us!
    Out of curiosity, what sort of glue did you use to put the figures together? The issue you had with the figures coming apart sounds to me like you were using super glue/CA. Problems with the joins such as the arm to torso are alleviated by using good old Testor’s Liquid model cement.
    I suppose I should add that I am a fan of WF but agree with you on their short-comings. I do think they are getting much better with each release. I have the Romans, Zombies, Zulus, Zulu War British, Ancient Germans, Vikings, and SciFi Troopers pre-ordered! I think they do straddle the line between cost per figure and quality pretty well and the company in general is run by some good folks!
    Thanks again for all your hard work!
    Mike Epting

    • Mike

      I was using a product called ‘Plastiweld’ – not sure who make it, but I bought it from a ‘proper’ model shop (the kind that has floor-to-ceiling Airfix and Tamiya kits and has more nooks and crannies than you can easily count) so it’s definitely designed for purpose…it’s the kind of plastic glue that chemically welds two surfaces together.

      To tell you the truth, I was quite surprised when the figures broke apart, but I put it don’t to the small contact area when I glued them.

      Certainly Wargames Factory stuff is getting better, and I’d love to see their Ancient Germans and Sci-Fi troops to see how they have improved – it’s just unfortunate that they seem to be lacking somewhat in comparison to the other 28mm plastics on the market at the moment.

  3. Michael Epting // June 27, 2010 at 02:30 // Reply

    True but I think they actually hold their own, given the competition. By and large I would guess that most folks hold the Perry stuff as the current leader of the pack and, obviously, those guys have loads and loads of sculpting experience. I get the feeling that not only are the WF folks really starting from the ground up particularly with regards to their digital sculpting. All the other players in the historical plastics market, I would guess, are working in the more traditional fashion and with sculptors with more experience.
    As for the glue, well, that should have made a pretty good weld. Odd!
    The Vikings are great! I think that they will be the set that really moves them into a good position in the market.
    PS My three years old daughter wants to type: iiiphvumnbvcfdet poiiyyytttreexxxxxxxxxccccccbmnihy.,0po0iu65435fkouhjt

    • I think it’s taken a while for WF to get the technology right. Other companies such as Warlord and the Perrys have gone down the traditional route of hand sculpting 3-ups ands then creating the master mould rather than digital sculpting, so WF have been ploughing a lonely furrow in that sense.

      It would be interesting to compare WF Vikings to Gripping Beast’s new Viking set – that would put the two technologies head-to-head, and since GB are generally recognised as one of the best companies for producing Dark Age figures, it would give a real benchmark as to how WF are actually doing.

      It sounds like I need to get hold of some samples….


  4. Michael Epting // June 27, 2010 at 02:52 // Reply

    As an aside. I have a spare set of the WF Vikings if you would like a sample for review. It is one each of the sprues that come with the set, so a total of eight figures.

  5. Michael Epting // June 27, 2010 at 16:45 // Reply

    Hi Neil,
    Sent you a message to your meeples and miniatures address.

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