Miniature Review – Warlord Games Parliament Infantry

Welcome to Episode 9 of the Meeples & Miniatures Miniature Review show. In this episode, I take a look at a release from Warlord Games – 28mm Hard Plastic Parliament Infantry for the English Civil War

4 Comments on Miniature Review – Warlord Games Parliament Infantry

  1. Very nice review, as it happens I have a royalist pack on the way and this does help tune my expectations.

    Question: Are there instructions in the pack? It does look like there are ways to just plain get the lads assembled wrong.

    • Instructions? No, not really – to be honest, most of the figures are pretty self explanatory, but I would advise that you take a good look around and even trial some assemblies using blu-tack before you commit yourself with glue.

      Let me know how you get on…

  2. A good review and these are nice figures, but they are even less poseable (is that a word?) than the review suggests.
    On each sprue there are basically two sections – the pikemen and the musketeers.
    The pikemen compose of two back row figures, (the two posed to hold pike straight up), a middle row figure and two bodies for the front row position (one with a breastplate to allow you to represent ‘armoured’ units as only the front row was normally armoured). The arms/weapons are designed to go with the specific pose – front, middle, back.
    The Musketeers are similar – there are eight bodies but really only two poses, and each pair of arms only fits well on one of the poses. Note the phrase pair of arms – That’s a warning to people like me that just cut all the bits off and then try to build the figures.
    While you can put arms on a different pose they generally don’t look right, which means you wil have probably have two odd looking figures.
    My second gripe would be about the number of pikemen poses. You get six back row figures, but with a four by four block you need eight. This means that you need to put either two of the character models back there or one 2nd and one first row pikeman. I would have been a lot happier to see a seperate sprue of pikemen to avoid this issue, but I suppose that would have required a lot more work on Warlords behalf.
    Finally the base sprue. The bases themselves are great but the large square four figure bases and the long five figure bases, reduce your options when it comes to basing the figures so you can remove casualties.
    All that said I do like these figures, and I have several boxes I am slowly working my way through. They are good looking, are easy to put together (careful when cutting out the hats!) and can be further customised with the addition of some of the hat packs from Warlord (go the scots!).
    And finally their best selling point? they are by far the cheepest option on the market if you want to put together an army of this period, or if you want a more historical fantasy human army for a certain popular game I wont mention. This is especially true if you get the starter Battalia army. 90 troops and 24 Cavalry for £50 – much less than 50p a figure.

    I would have loved to have instructions. Took me a box to figure this all out!.

    • Jason

      Many thanks for your more detailed comments – it confirms what I suspected, but as I wasn’t going to construct the entire box I wasn’t going to find this out!
      Hopefully others will find this comment of huge help.

      As far as price is concerned, as far as I am aware, there is only 1 range that competes with these, and that is Renegade Miniatures. Renegade’s individual blisters (artillery, for example) are cheaper and their regiment packs and deals make them a competitive option.

      I’m not sure how the two ranges mix and match, but Renegade are certainly worth a look.


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