Command Horizon Army ‘Finished’

Well, finished enough to get ‘properly’ onto the tabletop, in any case…

Just in time for a game I have tomorrow night, the forces of the Confederate Mercenary Corps are based and ready to face their Centaur nemesis – yes, this is a massive shock…the second army that I have completed this year (a previously unheard of event)

First off, we have the first of two Battalions of Infantry – I decided to have a couple of these as I like the support weapon models!

Then we have a Scout Mechanised Infantry Battalion – fast moving, but somewhat fragile. These will eventually be used with two Infantry Battalions as a SkyCav Brigade (when Baccus finally bring out the Skim Lifter model)

This is a Light Mechanised Infantry Battalion, one of two that will eventually be in the Armoured Brigade – again, mechanised Infantry give a good mix of speed and firepower.

Then we have the heavyweights – the Heavy Tank Battalion. I must admit, had I have known that I would be facing Centaurs as my main foe, I would have taken at least one unit of Beamers rather than 3 units with Guns (as Beamers ignore FFGs)

My final main Battalion – one of Medium Tanks with Heavy Turrets – these guys have the Beamers…

Finally we have the Brigade HQ, complete with a couple of Support Units of Artillery…

This isn’t the final army – still on the painting table is a unit of Skim Fighters, another Artillery Support Unit (Twin Heavy Bombards) and a couple of flights of Fighters and Fighter-Bombers, plus another battalion of Infantry.

As well as the aforementioned Skim Lifters, I also want to add another couple of Battalions – Medium Mechanised Infantry (More troops with heavy APCs) and another Medium Tank Battalion (this time with medium turrets to take advantage of the twin weapon options) but the current force is fully playable on the battlefield.

Well, actually the army isn’t fully finished (whatever army is?) – as I said, the Brigade is called the ‘Confederate Mercenary Corp’ and so I want to furnish the vehicles with some finishing details – Confederate flags on whip aerials and some more painted on the hulls, but that’s detailing I can come back to.

Also, I have to find a unit that has gone AWOL.

Remember this unit of Light Tanks that I painted last year? Well, they are currently residing together, in a small white box, in a ‘safe place’. They would come in very useful in this army…if only I could find them!

7 Comments on Command Horizon Army ‘Finished’

  1. Success!

    A delve around the spare room has indeed found the errant unit of light tanks hiding in a dark corner.

    They have been retrieved, the bases touched up and unit stickers applied – I think I’ll need them in battle tomorrow…

  2. Nice work on the paining and basing – is that the Baccus flocking system?

    • ‘fraid not.

      It’s standard builders Sharp Sand (I had a sack left over from some building work on the house), painted with Revell Aqua Colour ‘Dark Earth’, shaded with Brown Ink and then drybrushed with ‘Dark Earth’ followed by Coat d’ arms ‘Pale Sand’ – the static grass is from Games Workshop.

      I usually edge my bases in the same colour as the base itself, but it was suggested that I edge the bases in black, as it makes the bases stand out more – I think it works well.

  3. Well done that man!


  4. Norman McCoy // July 7, 2010 at 02:45 // Reply

    Nice job!!!! Any chance of a review of the game?? Also I have enjoyed the past few episodes but I miss the good ole days of the podcast of hearing what projects you are working on and what games you are playing. I understand life is busy, just wanted you to know you are missed.

  5. Nice job on the army mate, you gotta love a bit of 6mm

    talking of 6mm have you tried Seeds of War by Dark Realm Miniatures

    looks like a very nice set of rules and the figures are cute as well

  6. Looks really good, nice job there.

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