View from the Veranda – Episode 5

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Welcome to Episode 5 of the View from the Veranda podcast.

Join Neil Shuck of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast and Henry Hyde of Battlegames Magazine as they once again get together to discuss all things wargaming.

This show is somewhat lighter in subject matter than previous shows, as Henry and Neil chat about some of theings that they have been doing since the last show…and they end up discussing Commands & Colours: Ancients in some depth, as Henry has recently started playing this boardgame from GMT.

As you’d expect, this is only one of several subjects covered during the show – others include creating battle reports for blogs, the Society of Ancients Battle Day and the current state of British Wargaming magazines.

So, lots to listen to, in the usual slightly meandering format, so pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of your favourite beverage and enjoy the show.

25 Comments on View from the Veranda – Episode 5

  1. Nice to have you back, gentlemen. 🙂
    And an intriguing discussion re Command & Colours Ancients and its system. Quite different from what I’m used to, and sounds refreshing.
    Now about those points values…


  2. I’m about to head out on a 10 day camping trip. VftV #5 will be my rainy day backup entertainment. Thanks!

  3. David Gray // July 26, 2010 at 00:49 // Reply

    Great to have it back!

  4. I enjoyed the latest edition of “View from the Veranda” while building some GHQ 1/2400 WWI ships. Unfortunately for me, by the end of the show I think I’m more interested in Command and Colors, Ancients!

    Very dangerous stuff, your podcast

    Well done!

  5. Very interesting discussion guys.
    If you click through to my blog, you’ll be able to see some large-scale games of Battle Cry and Memoir ’44 (using 6mm miniatures of course)
    Scroll down a bit on the left and you’ll see tags for “Rules: Battle Cry” etc.
    You’ll also be interested to see a few normal sized games of C&C Napoleonics – Richard Borg was over with us last year and we gave the play-test version a good run-through with my collection
    Epic or Overlord games are great fun, not least because of the tendency of sub-commanders to do their own thing!

  6. commander_roj // July 29, 2010 at 18:08 // Reply

    You’ve been away too long. I’m not an ancients player, but even i am tempted to try C&C Ancients, and certainly adapt some of the mechanics to my own ends. Very, very interesting stuff.

  7. There was a mapping program mentioned on the podcast. What was the name of it?

  8. Mike Siggins // July 31, 2010 at 03:57 // Reply

    Welcome to the world of boardgames Henry!

  9. Not related to this topic, but regarding a previous one, but Fantasy Flight Games have just posted a video of ‘Dust Tactics’ (on youtube – that is mostly blurb for FFG, but you do get to see the mini’s for the game), and also the PDF of the boardgame rules is available, the video states it can also be played as a wargame. The rules – hmmm – not sure about, but the miniatures in the Box set do look very very nice, especially the ‘tanks’… oh dear… must resist must…
    If the mini’s available on their own, may have to root out Stargrunt II…

  10. I’ve got an odd problem. I downloaded this podacast, but while I can hear Neil and the music, I can’t hear Henry at all – there is just silence when he is supposed to be talking. Any thoughts what might be causing this, or how to fix it? While your comments are definitely interesting, Neil, I would like to hear Henry’s side of things too!

    • The podcast is recorded in Stereo – I am on the left channel and Henry is on the right – I suspect that you might have you balance set to turn Henry off 🙂

      • Fantastic — the ultimate censorship weapon — good, old-fashioned mono! 😀

      • Hmmm, still odd. I can’t find any balance contriol or mono/stereo option, and have tried listening to the download ed MP3 file through both my MP3 player and with iTunes and Windows Media Player on my PC .. still the same problem. I must’ve somehow downloaded it as just a mono file in the first place … not sure how I did that. I’ll try downloading it again from scratch tomorrow, and see what happens.

  11. …so there *is* a way for Neil to get a word in!


  12. I’m about a third of the way through and it’s a great cast so far (6mm chariots – the new addiction). However, I find the effect of Neil on the left, Henry on the right a bit annoying over the headphones especially since the non-speaking track is completely silent. It’s a bit like having an auditory ping-pong game going on in one’s head.

    I’ll try mixing a little Henry into the left and Neil into the right and let you know how that turns out. – It worked. Dropped Neil 12 db and added that to Henry and vice versa. Much better.

  13. Nope, I’ve downloaded it again, and still have the same problem of not being able to hear Henry at all (even though I’m trying to play it on a different computer from the one I used the other day).

    Because most of you can hear both Neil and Henry, and the problem occurs for me on any/all devices I use to try to listen to my download, obviously something is wrong with the way I’ve downloaded it both times. Unfortunately I’m not technical enough to figure it out.

  14. OK, it sounds like I’m going to have to change the way that Pretty May records in future so that we end up with a mono track, or at least a dual stereo track

    Sorry folks

    • Neil — as PatG says, perhaps it’s just a matter of not making the stereo quite so extreme. When I used GarageBand for my own new podcast, I set the dials for the different voices and SFX only slightly to the left or right, so there is some degree of overlap, and it seems to be fine. Maybe you can re-mix what you already have and give it a try?

  15. Jonathan Moody // August 15, 2010 at 20:23 // Reply

    Another great episode.

    It’s already documented that I am a big C&C Ancients fan, so it was fun to hear it talked about – particularly from a fresh perspective as Henry ‘discovers’ it. However, as far as I know, is a fan driven site, and not a GMT site. GMT is very supportive of the fan base, posting rules, Vassal and Cyberboard modules, and allowing other fan driven content. I encourage everyone to vote for that support with your wallet, and buy the content you plan on playing. I would hate for GMT to decide that they are losing too much money from people getting everything they need from fan sites. The support they provide is what makes them my preferred company – you just don’t get the same from MMP, Fantasy Flight, and other companies.

    • kingsleypark // August 17, 2010 at 22:09 // Reply

      Henry – your memory about the Battle of Kadesh appearing in one of the early wargaming books didn’t fail you! The book you were thinking about was Ancient Battles for Wargamers by Charles Grant which was published by Argus Books in 1977

    • Jonathan

      Yes, I fully endorse your comments – I’ll make some clarifications in the next podcast


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