View from the Veranda – Episode 5 (Mono)

Download View from the Veranda – Episode 5 (Mono)

Some people have been experiencing problems with the initial release of View from the Veranda, only being able to hear one channel, so I have remixed the episode into mono.

Hopefully this will resolve the issue and ensure that you can hear Henry and I all the time in both ears, which maybe a frightening thought!

12 Comments on View from the Veranda – Episode 5 (Mono)

  1. Hi
    Had no problem myself with the previous recording – apart from some constantly looking over my shoulder every time SOMEBODY dared to interrupt the Henry Hyde show in one ear… damned odd.
    But another great show !! Good to see you back.
    ‘The Wittering’ indeed.

  2. Norman McCoy // August 6, 2010 at 18:52 // Reply

    I also had no problems. I really enjoyed the format, it felt like I had two companions with me while I was wiring at work. Keep up the great works and thanks for all the time and energy you put into this.

  3. Yup, what Andrew & Norman said. Worked a treat that way!

  4. The mono version worked for me, even though the stereo one didn’t … many thanks … great show!

  5. where’s a good place to pre-order C&C Napoleonics in the UK?


    • Excellent question, well presented. I must admit, I don’t know of anywhere that currently has this up for pre-order, other than GMT Games itself.

      Can anyone else help?

  6. Doug McMillan // August 17, 2010 at 21:59 // Reply

    Interesting what Henry was saying about boardgames, thought you might be interested in this report:

    July 17 2010 12:24 AM GMT
    Why we still love board games-
    By Tim Harford

    Board games have withstood the onslaught of PC consoles, still selling millions worldwide. One country holds the key to their survival: Germany. Tim Harford reports
    Read the full article at:

    • Thanks for the link, Doug, very interesting. And of course, I have marvellous Mike Siggins writing for Battlegames, himself something of a ‘grand fromage’ in the world of boardgames. I have mentioned to him that perhaps we should include more about boardgames in the magazine…

      • Doug McMillan // August 18, 2010 at 20:52 //

        ..and in the FT no less, clearly where there’s meeples there’s brass!

        Looking forward to board game coverage in Battlegames

  7. Another great episode. Now I’m an ex-pat Englishman in the USA, I’ve been gaming since 1969 but I also reenact WWII. The matter of morality and politics is to the fore front there as well. My wife is extremely interested in the British Special Operations Executive and the French Resistance and explaining that to the public can be interesting; France is not necessarily the most popular country here and how do you explain asymetrical warfare to the public? She sneaks in expressions like ‘I.E.D.’ (Improvised Explosive Device) to drop clues to the public as to the types of things the Resistance did. Asking people which political side provided the bulk of the Resistance is even more contentious. WHen you consider that the Relgious Right in France were the backbone of Vichy you can have some difficult moments with the same elements of the American population who assume that the Right would have been the major players in the Resistence.

    Talking to German WWII Reenactors they tend to emphasis the role of the average fighting man, but a disproportionate number of them are Waffen SS. The governing bodies are very strict about no political impressions or the things that are going to offend the public, i.e. Swastika flags or ‘black’ SS uniforms. But you are right wargamers tend to agonise far more about this aspect.

    In my years of gaming I think I’ve only played 2 games that were after 1945. Mind you the last time I played anything other than naval or air games after 1900 was 1973. Charles Grant you have a lot to answer for 😉

    Keep up the good work gentlemen.


  8. Doug McMillan // September 12, 2010 at 16:27 // Reply

    Neil and Henry you are very bad men, I have been forced to return from colours with a copy of, yes you’ve guessed it, Command & Colours Ancients!

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