Gaming, Wednesday 11th August

The last few weeks have been a bit ‘funny’, with me averaging a trip to Scimitar only every other week -it seems somewhat typical of the club, as it’s been fairly quiet of late.

However, last week was particularly fun, as I got to play a game of Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game, which I’ve only ever played a couple of times before, but really enjoyed.

Tony, Garry, Bob & Martin join me for BattleStar Galactica

In the brig already – I was there for most of the first half of the game…

It was decided that we needed a couple of pilots, so as I was the last person to choose a character, I thought it would be fun to try Boomer – especially since that character gets 2 loyalty cards half way through the game, so has more chance of becoming a Cylon (I’ve never been a Cylon in this game)The trouble was, I was under suspicion from the start, and despite me trying to repel early Cylon attacks from the Bridge of the Pegasus, I was soon thrown into the Brig by Martin, who was playing Baltar – so he was obviously a Cylon!The first half of the game went surpridingly well, and then I got out of the brig and decided to space the Cylon who put me there –

I’m sure Bob’s specs are hiding the red glow…

but in the mean time another suspect had arisen – who do I chose?

After a hugley entertaining debate, it was decided that I should throw Bob out of the airlock – Success! We had found our first Cylon!

However, things went downhill fast after that.

The Pegasus takes a beating…

We are in deep do-do…

Tony isn’t even blonde!

Cylon Victory!

 I was really pleased to play this game again. I’m a huge fan of the series (well, the first 3 seasons, anyway) and the game captures the feel of the show perfectly.

Hugely enjoyable, and I’d highly recommend this game.

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