Busy times…

Life at the moment seems to be going at a fair rate of knots, but rather pleasingly I am still managing to keep several balls in the air, hobby wise.

I thought I’d give you a quick ‘heads up’ as to what you can expect to see in the coming weeks…

Played another game of Cold War Commander on Wednesday over some very nice scenery made by Andy Lawrence at Scimitar. I’ll post a battle report with lots of pictures, hopefully in the next few days.

On the modelling front, I’ve been frantically building plastic models for my first game of Ex Illis. Surprisingly enough, I’ve almost finished. All the models from the base game are complete, along with 3 of the 4 expansion units I was sent. Just the Archangels to finish. Nothing painted yet, but everything is together so I can start playing the game ready for the review. I must admit, I have been very impressed with some of the models – the cavalry and angel figures especially are really nice.

Finally, I’ve recorded lots of audio material for some upcoming podcasts and video reviews. The video reviews will come first, but I’ve got enough material recorded already for two more audio shows, with more to come…so the rest of the month and October is looking good.

1 Comment on Busy times…

  1. Bah to “The video reviews will come first”!

    Looking forward to your first game of Ex Illis and the follow up review. I would like to know if you think this game will have staying power? If the computer component is just a gimmick? Why you would play this over any other table top miniature game? If the quality of the figures is worth the price?


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