Tomorrow’s War Today…

It’s here!

As promised by Shawn & the guys at Ambush Alley Games, Tomorrow’s War has arrived.

Only just had time to download the rules and have a quick flick through, but they look pretty interesting so far.

These will certainly make my 28mm Sci-Fi figures climb in the painting priority list…and it’s nice to see that the Alien Race design rules use that certain famous Xenomorph as it’s example – but it looks like nuking them from orbit isn’t an option.

A fantastic addition to an already great game system – look out for a review, coming (relatively) soon to a podcast not a million light years away from this page.

Ambush Alley: Tomorrow’s War

2 Comments on Tomorrow’s War Today…

  1. Really interested in these rules as a way of using my old 40K figures, currently I’m looking to use Forge of War but you cant have too many rulesets in my view


  2. Too many rulesets? Perish the very thought Sir!

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