Galloping Gettysburg!

One the main reasons for going to the Derby Wargames show last Saturday was to see the new game from Baccus – Gettysburg at the Gallop.

We didn’t get to the show until after lunch (unavoidable due to Josh’s Saturday morning Orchestra practice) and so we didn’t have as much time as we would have liked to look around the show and chat to people.

We did spend some time chatting with fellow 6mm gamers from the Humberside Wargames Society, who were putting on the battle of Torgau in 6mm in what can only be called ‘style’ – the players all resplendent in dinner jackets and serving fine wine…great stuff.

We also got to chat to the guys from ‘The Rather Large Towton Project’ about how everything was going. They are still promising a game with up to 20,000 figures on the table…

My only disappointment was that I totally failed to meet up with Mike from the Lead Commanders. On the Friday before last year’s Derby show we were both at a wedding where his son was marrying my neice, and unfortunately I haven’t seen him since…

So, onto the main reason for us going – the Baccus 6mm Gettysburg game. Unfortuneately (for us anyway) the game had been packed out all day, so our 4pm booked game was running rather late.

Gettysburg at the Gallop – the board

The board looked every bit as good as the pictures on the web had led us to believe – a great job by Pete & Chris. The whole thing done in 2mm was quite an inspired idea, and despite some liberties being taken with the geography, the resulting 4′ square board was both functional as pleasing to play on.

Dave Luff and podcast listener Neil survey the position whilst Derek and Dave look on. Where is everyone else? Well, it is after 5pm…

The game itself played out as I would expect for one of my games – we hit trouble early and it all went downhill from there. Due to time constraints, we were only able to play until the start of day two, but in that time Dave and I (playing the Union) had completely lost control of both Gettysburg town itself and cemetery ridge, and whilst it was promised that we would deliver a world of hurt on Day 2, we ran out if time before we could roll any more ‘1’s – we called it a day at about 5.45 – so maybe next time (and for our trouble, at least we got a mention on the latest Baccus news entry!)

Many thanks to Neil (whose last name I’ve forgotten – sorry) who not only handed us a sound defeat, but is also a podcast listener to boot!

First contact on Day 1

XI Corps arrive

Confederate reinforcements arrive, threatening the flank

So the Union Troops pull back to the town and the ridge – BIG mistake

The Confederates assault the town

The situation at the end of Day 1 – Union reinforcements have arrived

3 Comments on Galloping Gettysburg!

  1. Very cool game – I like playing ACW in 6mm but use the black powder ruleset. I assume you where using the Polemos ruleset?

    • No, it was actually played with an adaption of the ‘Old Trousers’ fast play Napoleonic Rules with they used to play the Leipzig Lite game. They should be appearing on the Baccus website at some point.

      The original ‘Old trousers’ rules can be found here

      The Leipzig Lite rules can be found here

  2. Neil Siddons-Smtih // October 10, 2010 at 19:03 // Reply

    Hi Neil,
    This is the Neil who you played against, I’m not sure if i had actually given you my sirname but i’m glad you remembered my first name though. it was good to meet you and dave. I returned the next day to finish the game which was it was a little bit closer than jsut a sound defeat. I wasn’t as lucky with my dice roles. It was an enjoyable game and game system. Felt like a boardwargame which is what I like.
    We will need to have a rematch of a gettisburg game so we can find out who is the winner of the battle not just a day.
    Any way it was great meeting you.

    Neil Siddons-Smith

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