Ex Illis ‘Emissarius’ release imminent

Bastion Inc. have just announced the official news of the release of their latest model for Ex Illis.

From their announcement:

Can you feel the ground shaking under your feet? The Emissarius is being summoned to join the battle!

Ex illis upcoming and highly anticipated release is right around the corner!

The Emissarius is a huge monster armed with a scythe as big and impressive as the beast. It can kill amazing amounts of foes in range, though its hits are quite inaccurate. Its arsenal does not stop there since the creature can also throw big stones picked on the ground, as movable artillery. And its cries are so terrifying that their effect is instantaneous on the whole battlefield.

 Look for it at your local gaming store! We are setting him loose October 29th! Beware.”

Well, there is no doubting one fact about this model – it’s huge!

I’m wondering in some ways why Bastion have chosen to release this particular model for the game, rather than some smaller units which may be more useful / playable for your army – I think ultimately it’s down to the OMG! factor…

If you put this model anywhere near a gaming table then it is bound to draw attention, and that is what the guys at Bastion want for Ex Illis at the moment.

I’m hoping to be able to get hold of one of these beasties in the not-too-distant future, so look out for a video review…

2 Comments on Ex Illis ‘Emissarius’ release imminent

  1. Well it’s big, and incongruous, and . . .

    . . . well it’s *big* . . .

  2. well, it is an interesting piece to play, and yes, once you have one (or several^^) it is impressing

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