Getting ‘Ex Illis’ figures in the UK…

One of the things you will notice about the figure box sets for Ex Illis – especially if you live in the UK – is the fact that they are currently quite expensive to buy.

Looking around, most European outlets have the box sets priced at approx £16-£18 each, with postage on top- and of course, it doesn’t help that they currently do not have a UK distributor (although one is promised soon).

The cheapest source I have currently found for this game is World At Play Games, which are based in the US. Currently their box set prices for Ex Illis are £12-£14 (with the starter box at £28), so they are competitively priced, even with shipping on top. The service they provide to the UK is pretty good, with goods arriving in just over a week after order, and are well packed.

One word of warning though – they ship via the US Postal Service, so you are pretty much guaranteed to be charged for VAT, unless you keep the value of your order under £18, so bulk buying and the associated discount on shipping may actually work against you, in this case.

2 Comments on Getting ‘Ex Illis’ figures in the UK…

  1. Thanks for that info Neil, very useful! On a similar note, I don’t suppose you have found anywhere in the UK that is doing pre-orders for the new version of Battle Cry have you? I cannot find it anywhere over here despite it being listed at many US stores. I need my Commands & Colors: ACW fix!

    Cheers, and thanks for producing such a great podcast!


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