Recent Gaming blogs

I’ve come across a couple of blogs that you might be interested in…

The first is from Andy Lawrence, who is one of the club members at Scimitar. If you saw some of my posts about our Cold War Commander game, you may be wondering how Andy made the great terrain for the British Airbase.

HAS with grounded aircraft

Well, Andy has started a blog about this, and his other projects in 1/600 scale – you can find it here. It well worth a look.

Staying with small-scale, recent discussions on the Too Fat Lardies Yahoo! group also highlighted a great blog. The entry in question was a battle report for the TFL game Sharp Practice, with the game (rather unusually for a skirmish game) being played in 6mm. However, the game, and the battle report, look excellent. The blog is Tactical Miniatures Gaming.

One highlight of this blog is the way that the battle report is done. Apparently, a graphic software tool called Comic Life has been used. I think I may have to check this out. The product is relatively inexpensive, and has a free trial download.

1 Comment on Recent Gaming blogs

  1. Thanks for the 6mm Sharp Practice link.
    I’ve posted a question there re the basing system used for close rank bases. A most interesting way of going about things.

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