Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – nearing completion…

Good news – it looks as if GMT Games may still hit their November deadline to publish Commands & Colors: Napoleonics.

They have started to publish some of the finished artwork, and the games does look very nice.

They’ve also published details of the first planned expansion, which is due to be the Spanish Army, which although probably not everyone’s first choice, is at least is in keeping with the Pennisula War theme of the initial set.

You can find out more details on these games at the GMT Games website.

BTW, it has already been noted by several people that GMT could do with changing the wording on the box cover – obviously they simply don’t appreciate just how many Welsh, Scottish and Irish (as well as other nations) were fighting with the British Army in Spain.

Sample C&C: Napoleonics Command Cards

Sample C&C: Napoleonics Units

4 Comments on Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – nearing completion…

  1. Looks nice but its not my era. I know very little about it and the history of that period.
    But you know its going to be a good seller with the tried and tested system behind it.

    What next? I would be interested in a sfi-fi set or an expansion for ancients that doesn’t involve the Roman army.

  2. I’m looking forward to this! Having become an avid fan of C&C Ancients, I’m keen to see what they’ve done to capture the flavour of the Napoleonic era.

  3. Gentlemen, for your perusal and pleasure, the C&C: Napoleonics rulebook:

    Click to access CCN-Rules-2B.pdf

  4. Many thanks Josh.

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