Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Last Wednesday night saw my latest battles of Ex Illis vs Dave Luff.

Since we both now own a starter set (plus several extra packs, of course) we thought that it was only right that we can now play ‘proper’ games, for which we both earn battle points.

We fought a 500 point battle, followed by a 400 point battle. Dave used the same army on both occasions – his Artois battle group – whilst I used two different armies…my Broken Wing army in the first game and my Arth Byddin in the second.

You guessed it – I lost both games, though both games were much closer than previous battles. The first I lost by 157 points…mainly down to throwing my Nephalim away without them engaging in a major combat.

The second was a mere 57 point defeat – Dave ended up with 6 models on the table. It was looking for the last few turns that I would win. Dave had been beaten down to his last couple of units, but vitally, still had a Soffrance with ‘Consume Soul’ still active, so all my efforts to kill off his units only made his Soffrance stronger, and that is what turned the battle in the end. I rushed into combat with my Arbalestier unit, as I was unwilling to fire into melee with my own troops, and this proved my undoing.

My melee units morale broke, and they fled from the table, leaving my lone Manganol crew to fight the remaining models – they lost.

So, two more defeats, but I’m really enjoying this game. Hopefully my units will fight better once they have a coat of paint!

1 Comment on Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

  1. Thanks for the report.

    Sounds fun.

    I’m gonna try and get my nephew into this game!


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