Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – rules now available.

As has been noted in the comments to another of my recent blog entries, GMT Games have now released a PDF of the rulebook for Commands & Colors: Napoleonics.

Although I have not read them thoroughly, an initial read does reveal both significant and subtle changes to the way the mechanics work. For example:

  • The command cards are very reminiscient of those from Memoir ’44 (as are the combat dice)
  • Combat strength of units is now directly linked to the number of blocks in that unit.
  • Artillery, if mounted on a hill, can now fire over interveaning units at a target.
  • Infantry units may ‘form square’ as a charge reaction vs cavalry
  • Combined unit operations are allowed, which especially allows cavalry and artillery to work hand in hand against infantry.

Overall, the rules seem pretty solid. They retain the ease of the C&C system whilst adding in special rules that give period flavour to the game.

However, the final proof of the pudding is in the eating – unfortunately, there is still no word on the actual release date for this game. I’m hoping it will hit our shelves in the UK before Christmas.

1 Comment on Commands & Colors: Napoleonics – rules now available.

  1. FYI, got two emails regards my pre-order for C&C:N. 16th Nov they took my money in anticipation of the order processing and on the 30th an update noted that it had started shipping. Hope to see it in the next week or so.

    PS Love the shows, especially the recent painting episodes. I would class myself as an experienced painter if not quite pro-status but I still picked up a number of useful tips and liked that many of my own ‘adopted’ methods and preferences were confirmed as good practice. Windsor and Newton Inks rock!

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