Announcing ‘Beyond the Bleeding Edge’

As you may have guessed from my review of the game, I really like the new Ex-Illis game from Bastion Inc. – so much so that I’ve decided to launch a podcast and blog to support the game.

The Podcast, entitled ‘Beyond the Bleeding Edge‘, will be launching in the new year. I will be hosting it with regular co-host Dave Luff, and I’m hoping to have a wealth of interviews lined up for the first few episodes.

The blog however, is already live, and I will be chatting about all things Ex Illis and discussing the latest game developments there.

6 Comments on Announcing ‘Beyond the Bleeding Edge’

  1. its amazing how long dormant “fan boy” genes can be reactivated by something . i wish you luck with the new podcast , oh and merry xmass

  2. Is this a financial decision Neil?

  3. Well Neil.

    I will follow you into the “darK” though I do regret not telling my mother in law to get me the game for Christmas.. DOH!

    Good Luck!


  4. Awesome, simply awesome. Can’t wait for the first ep.

  5. will be waiting for those!

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