The hidden complexities of Ex Illis

It has been pointed out to me on the Ex Illis message boards that during my review of Ex Illis in Episode 70 of the Podcast, I perhaps somewhat understated some of the complexities of the game.

Whilst it is true that you actually need very little knowledge of the rules to actualy play the game, having a decent knowledge of what is actually going on is always going to help – and there are factors being taken into account that you may not be aware of.

Take melee, for example. This is perhaps the most complex part of any game – and Ex Illis is certainly up there when it comes to rules complexity…taking into account such things as type and speed of various weapons (much like in ‘old style’ AD&D combat), and at least half a dozen other factors.

However, rather than me try to explain it, take a look at the Ex Illis wiki page on melee – you may be surprised at the level of detail actually being represented in the game, and it makes for an interesting read.

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