Polemos Ancients rules coming in April

Baccus 6mm Ltd have updated their website with the latest news on their much-anticpated next rules release: Polemos: Ancients.

Well, I say Polemos: Ancients, but Baccus have decided to split the era down into more manageable chunks, so this first set of rules is, in fact, Polemos: Imperial Rome.

They have posted a small preview of the rules, which essentially covers some of the more ‘sticky’ questions of units types and basing, on their website.

The good news (at least from my point of view) is that this game is keeping with the ‘standard’ 60mm x 30mm Polemos basing convention (though you can use others). However, this does mean that it will fit in well with 6mm armies that are based for Impetus/Basic Impetus, as thebase size is exactly the same.

I assume that given the relase date of April, these rules are actually being aimed to be released at Salute – another excuse to attend the show!


2 Comments on Polemos Ancients rules coming in April

  1. Patrick Smyrl // February 5, 2011 at 21:25 // Reply

    How do you plan to base for the rules? I am torn between 6 strips per base or 12 for close order infantry. 12 would look amazing, but cost is a consideration too.

    • Patrick

      I’ve planned my ancient armies around the Impetus troop definitions and 60mm x 30mm bases in 6mm.

      FP (Heavy Infantry) = 4 ranks
      FL (Light Infantry) = 3 ranks
      T (Some archers etc) = 2 ranks
      S (Skirmishers) = 12-16 figures on a base.

      CP (Cataphract Cavalry) = 12 horses in 2 ranks
      CP (Heavy Cavalry) = 9 horses in 1 ranks
      CL (Light Cavalry) = 6 horses randomly placed on a base

      Thanks does mean that heavy infantry tend to have lots of figures (48) but they certainly look impressive on the table.

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