Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 71

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Welcome to Episode 71 of the Meeples & Miniatures Podcast.

In this show, I  choose my favourite 5 boardgames and 5 miniatures wargames that I played in the past year. I then look at some of the games I’m looking forward to in 2011.

I hope you enjoy the show

12 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures – Episode 71

  1. Hi Neil

    Great podcast as ever and as you wanted top 5 lists of 2010 here’s mine

    5) Flintloque – great little fantasy Napoleonic game, the new edition caught my imagination and have had a few games down the club
    4) Malifaux – love the figures, love the mechanics and it’s fun
    3) Blitzkrieg Commander – we tried all sorts of WWII rules this year and this was by far the winner
    2) Flying Lead – used this game for all sorts of games, all good fun and again great for a club night
    1) Impetus – I know you have stopped playing it but we tend to play 300 pt games down the club and it always give a fun game

    And looking ahead I think 2011 is going to be the year I really get into the Dark Ages, I am currently painting up a Norse/Irish army for Impetus and over the last 3 months I have been play testing a new game called Saga which will be produced by Gripping Beast, so look out for that one.



    • Flintloque – We’ve played it at club, but only on the odd occasion.
      Malifaux – looks great…very tempted, it’s just ‘yet another’ skirmish game 🙂
      BKC – yes, most popular WW2 rules at our club too.
      Flying Lead – got to try this in 2011
      Impetus – maybe that’s the problem, we need to play with 300 points rather than 400+. I do like the extra mechanics (like counter-charges) in the ‘full’ version, but my opponents are somewhat less enthused.

      Saga sounds interesting…but my Dark Age gaming is likely to be of the 6mm variety (although I keep looking at the 40mm Flashing Blade Romano-British & Saxon figures)

      Thanks for your comments Mike…

      • Hi Neil

        Impetus at 300pts is the way to go, just half the minimums in the army lists (rounding up) and use 1 general and you get a game you can easily play out in 90 mins

        we’ve also played it using 6mm armies as well (we used 60×30 bases)

        sorry for sounding like a fan boy but it’s a good game and occasionaly I win the odd game

        btw will be at York tomorrow if you are going come and say hi


  2. David Gibson // February 8, 2011 at 22:29 // Reply

    Hi Neal,

    Glad to see the show back on the air, was good to listen to. I love the list format as it highlights some games I might not have looked into otherwise. I guess my top 5 games (board and wargames) of last year had to be…

    5) Ghost Stories – superb game, though I’ve/we’ve yet to win! That I keep crawling back with bruises and having just as much fun every time is a testament to the game. I actually bought it after you talked about it on your halloween show (which I listened to much later)
    4) Flying Lead – Great rules and adaptable to a variety of settings. We’ve done all sorts from WW2 to post-apocalyptic. If your club is often strapped for time then this is the perfect ruleset for you.
    3) Warhammer 40,000 – Yeah I’ve got back into this quite a lot. It’s a frustrating game at times for reasons most of us will know. I’m in the situation where it’s what a lot of my gaming friends play, so it seems right to join in. Love the fluff as well.
    2) Song of Drums & Shakos – Another Ganesha based game, really good fun for skirmishing in the black powder era. We’ve played American Civil War with it using some customer tweaks, too. Perfect rulset for anyone who has 40mm Napoleonics…. 😉
    1) Blood Bowl. This is the game I played the most of in 2010. I love it, it’s so intricate, funny, gripping, tense and plain old fun that it’s hard to find any fault with it at all. Enjoying my Orc team, though this year will hopefully see me take on the challenge of either a Goblin or Halfling team. Or perhaps Skaven if I chicken out of the stunty league.

    Keep the shows coming, Neil!

    • Hi Dave

      if you enjoy Song of Drums and Shakos have a look at 61-65 also by Genesha. it’s the ACW game. it’s a bit different as it uses small units instead of single figures so you can play with 40 odd figures instead of 10


      • Thanks Mike

        ACW isn’t usually my thing, but given how much I like the other rules from Ganesha, I’ll certainly give these a look.



    • Thanks for the comments Dave – you’ve got a great top 5!

      Ghost Stories – My favourite co-op game, but I just haven’t played enough of it! Do you play with the “White Moon” expansion?
      Flying Lead – Hoping to get this to the table this year
      W40K – …used to be my top game, back in the days of 2nd edition – haven’t played for years (But still have unpainted lead for it!)
      Song of Drums and Shakos – yes, desperate to get my 40mm Naps out for this…
      Blood Bowl – Agreed, great game. I really *must* get my Dwarf and Chaos Dwarf teams painted!

      • David Gibson // February 13, 2011 at 16:07 //

        Hi Neal,

        I haven’t tried the White Moon expansion yet. It sounds like it’ll make the game even more difficult, which I don’t need just yet!

        As for getting things painted, I know how you feel. I’m not very good at sitting down and painting, but as I’ve come back from Hammerhead with yet more lead, I need to buckle down!

        Hopefully, as for 2011, my top 5 will contain a Sci Fi ruleset to use with some 15mm figures I’ve bought from Critical Mass Games. Amazing stuff. Any recommendations?

      • I was at Hammerhead yesterday (and yes, bought some models too…a dwarf wartband from Hasslefree for Song of Blades & Heroes) – shame we didn’t bump into one another.

        As far as Sci-fi rules are concerned, I would currently recommend one of three, depending upon your budget and what level you want to play.
        I) Stargrunt II from GZG. A free download these days, but a great for large skirmish games.
        II) Hammer’s Slammers The Crucible – a good set of rules for larger games with lots of vehicles
        III) Tomorrow’s War from Ambush Alley. Another great set of skirmish rules. Only available as a PDF at the moment, but full colour rulebook due out later this year.

  3. David Gibson // February 14, 2011 at 19:27 // Reply

    Well I must admit, I assumed you’d be there, but I was there from 10 – 1 so might’ve missed you? I was keeping my ear open for your recognizable voice, so I could pop over and say hello. I’ll be at Partizan, so maybe I’ll catch you there.

    Thanks for the rules ideas, I will check ’em out!

    P.S. I also bought a warband for Blades & Heroes, some Nordfolk from West Wind. The Dwarf Wars range is A LOT better than the website’s pictures make them out to be. Nice scale too – match Games Workshop.

  4. Hey … You should have come and said hello mate!
    Was in front of the warlord stand all day !

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