Gaming update – January 2011

You may wonder why I’m publishing a gaming update for January when we are a third of the way through February? Well, it’s just that I’ve only just thought about doing it…


To be honest, January was a bit of a dead loss when it came to gaming. The month was dominated by me working away from home, which left very little time for either gaming, painting or even podcast recording.


The only gaming I managed to accomplish in January was a game of Great Fire of London 1666. A really nice game – hoping to play again soon.


I didn’t manage any painting in January – I’d started to paint my Longbowmen for Ex Illis, but when the news was announced that Bastion had gone bust,I must admit it completely demotivated me.


The one positive thing was that I did manage to get some podcast recording done. I recorded and edited most pf Episode 71 of Meeples & Miniatures, as well as taking the photos for two miniature review videos.


My purchases for January were pretty frugal. The first almost doesn’t count, as it was a birthday present, but I got a copy of Commands & Colors: Napoleonics. I haven’t managed to get it to the table yet, but I have at least managed to stick all the stickers to the wooden blocks.

The second was an impulse purchase – Platoon Forward from Too Fat Lardies. This is a scenario / campaign gaming aid, which is designed to add a bit of colour and flavour to your tabletop gaming experience. This book is aimed specifically at World War II, Platoon level games, but the system could easily be changed to handle almost any level and period of game. A full review will be on the podcast soon.

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