Coming soon…

I thought I’d give you a quick heads up on what you can expect to see / hear from Meeples & Miniatures in the coming weeks…


I’m currently working on 3 episodes of the Meeples & Miniatures podcast –

  • The first is a review of a couple of rules supplements from Too Fat LardiesSurf’s Up (Vietnam Scenario book) and Platoon Forward (WW2 Campaign System)
  • The second is a review of the just published Force-On-Force rules from Osprey Publishing / Ambush Alley Games, and also the first supplement The Road to Baghdad. This will also include an interview with Osprey publishing.
  • The third is a joint show with Rich Jones, in which we plan to discuss two games he has recently released – Bushi No Yume and The Beautiful Game

I am also discussing with Henry Hyde about our next episode of View From The Veranda, which I understand will please one or two people.

Finally, since I’ve recently had my access upgraded at YouTube so that I can now load videos over 15 minutes long, I’m looking at launching a new venture of video boardgame reviews, and not just video miniature reviews. This is still in its planning stages, but look out for some in the not too distant future. Initial games to be reviewed will include Battle Cry, Commands & Colors: Napoleonics, Summoner Wars, The Great Fire Of London 1666, Conflict of Heroes and Incursion.

So, hopefully lots to look forward to in the coming weeks…

3 Comments on Coming soon…

  1. David Gibson // February 18, 2011 at 21:01 // Reply

    Command & Colours Napoleonics first please! I think I could convince my cousin to play it but would love to see the components first. Will you be simulating a turn in the videos in order to show off the rules or will it be a more overview and “unboxing”?

    • David

      The intention of these new videos will be to give a full, in-depth review of the game, just as if I was reviewing it on the podcast, only with accompanying video.
      As a caviat, I’d better warn you that I don’t actually own a video camera, so the review will be more in the form of an animated slide show, with some snippets of video that I can take on my normal camera – much like the current miniature review shows.
      – I might have to invest in a webcam to try some experiments!


  2. Hey Neal – I just listened to your latest podcast, and I have to declare my solidarity with your “don’t buy new stuff, paint what I have” vow for 2011. I’ve been in that mode since late 2010. I find that purchasing and playing boardgames more frequently satisfies that “shiny new thing” itch and really cuts down on the additions to the ol’ pile of pewter and plastic in the basement.

    Of course, I found it hilarious that right after declaring your intentions for 2011, you spent about 10 minutes listing out all the new stuff coming out this year that has already caught your eye!

    Stay strong!


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