Meeples & Miniatures @ Salute 2011

Yes, I can finally confirm that I will be attending the Salute show on April 16th.

Preview of some componets from this year's game

I will be spending most of the day at table GD23, where I will be with the Scimitar Wargames Group, helping to run the ACW Zombie Rally game.

When I’m not there, I will be having a wander around the show. If you spot me, please come up and say “Hi!”

4 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures @ Salute 2011

  1. See you there Neil, I’ll be on the Gripping Beast stand

  2. Markus Schenk // April 8, 2011 at 08:56 // Reply

    Hi Neil,
    will be attending Salute again this year. Maybe we will find some time to chat a bit over a beer or two..

    Cheers from Germany
    Markus Schenk
    Wargames Club Niederrhein

  3. I shall be spending my day on table GC17 re-fighting the Mongolian invasion of Japan using a lot of Kallistra figures.
    Two of us from the Devizes club will be helping the Evesham Wargames Club run this game whilst the other 20 or so club members will be swanning around spending money; I hope to be doing the same at some stage in the day 🙂

    See you there


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