Society of Ancients Battle Day 2011

Last Saturday saw the 8th annual Society of Ancients Battle Day, which was held, once again, at Sycamore Hall in Bletchley.

If you aren’t aware, this event is a chance for gamers from around the country to come together to refight a single ancient battle, using all sorts of different Ancients rules.

This year, the battle was Kadesh – New Kingdom Egyptians vs Hittites.

I was there along with three other members of Scimitar Wargames Group; Andrew Lawrence, Pete Manning and Dave Luff.

We were playing the battle using the Epic Expansion for Commands & Colors: Ancients rules.

It was a close game, with the outcome of the battle hanging in the balance for much of the day.

Eventually, the Hittites came out the winners, 12 banners – 10 banners.

I had a great day. Not only was it great to play a huge game of C&C:A, but it was great to chat to fellow ancients gamers, and to see all the various interpretations of the battle.

A huge thanks goes to Andy Lawrence, as he was the one responsible for both the Egyptian and Hittite armies that we played with on the day.

Examples of other games played on the day. Apologies about the picture quality – I only had my camera phone on me…

1 Comment on Society of Ancients Battle Day 2011

  1. John Colwell // April 22, 2011 at 16:37 // Reply

    Hi Looks a fantastic game sorry I missed it – any chance you could share your army list for the C+C as I am thinking of doing the same thing 6mm and it would save me a lot of time working it all out, thanks in advance.

    Kind regards
    John C

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