New BMP-2 from HLBS Co

I’ve just had an e-mail from Richard Kemp at the Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company – one of my favourite figure companies – to say that they have finally got their 1/48th scale BMP-2 model into production.

To celebrate, they are offering a 10% discount up until the end of April (£25.00 instead of £27.50).

It’s available on their website, but there are no pictures, so I thought I’d post these here.

HLBS make a large range of modern Russian vehicles. They are obviously ideal for playing games like Force on Force, and are compatible with HLBS’ own range of modern figures, or they go well with other moderns, such as those offered by Red Star Miniatures (modern Russians and Chechens) – indeed, the vehicles on the Red Star website are the other Russian vehicles in the HLBS range.

I think you will agree, it’s another very nice model.

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