Meeples & Miniatures Episode #74 ‘In the Can’

Just to let you know that Episode 74 of Meeples & Miniatures was recorded last night.

Rich Jones joined me again, and we chatted about several games, including 7TV, Operation Squad, Red Sand, Blue Sky, The Beautiful Game and Bushi No Yume.

Editing for this may take a while, as we recorded over 160 minutes worth of material. Look for a show of about 2 hours length, to be published at the end of the month.

In the mean time, all you
View from the Veranda fans take note that Henry and I will be recording a post-Salute special tomorrow. That should be published early next week, and is likely to contain some news that you won’t want to miss…

2 Comments on Meeples & Miniatures Episode #74 ‘In the Can’

  1. Another podcast AND a new VtV so soon? You are spoiling us Neil 😉

  2. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

    Much goodness to look forward to!


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