View from the Veranda – Salute Special

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Hello, and welcome to another View from the Veranda episode.

In this show, Henry and I take a look back at the recent Salute wargames show in London, and chat about some of the highlights from the show, including the new Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy Magazine, Hail Caesar, Saga and the latest plastic goodness from the Perry twins.

We finish by announcing a couple of bits of news for Battlegames readers and VftV listeners…

We hope you enjoy the show

15 Comments on View from the Veranda – Salute Special

  1. As I sit here at work on a holiday Easter Monday, I am thankful that not only did the Easter Bunny bring chocolate, Neal and Henry tucked yet another podcast into the 2011 Easter basket. Thanks Guys!

  2. Great podcast again Neil (and of course Henry) however I have to point out one minor mistake…..

    I don’t work for Musketeer or Gripping Beast, I’m what is affectionately known as a “chum of the Beast” which is code for unpaid helper. My real job is in I.T where I design software and systems, which explains how I can afford to buy so many figures 😉

    However that said I’ll be at Partizan and will happily show you how Saga works

    See you in May


    • Oops – Sorry Mike.

      Didn’t mean to mis-represent you at all – an honest mistake…I’ll make sure I get my facts right in future!


      • No problem Neil, I just didn’t want the tax man to think I have 2 jobs (I pay enough to him as it is)

        See you soon


  3. Hi,

    Thanks for the positive mention of our Towton game at Salute. You were absolutely right about the visual impact of the game after the two lines clash. The comment “Where’s the other army?” is not inappropriate at that point. I think we need to get a lot more casualty markers to show the progress of the Lancastrian army! Or maybe produce a whole pile of fleeing Lancastrians to fill up the area behind their lines. Or both. I foresee a lot more painting up until our last outing at Derby this year.


    • Ruarigh

      I hope you didn’t think we were too critical of the game. The sheer scale of what you achieved was absolutely fantastic – it just suffered somewhat during the day.

      This however, is true of most games – battle lines drawn up facing each other at the start of a game is always impressive…it’s the actual playing of the game that messes everything up.

      However, you designed a game, rather than a diarama – so possibly the best way to show off the game will be a time-delay video shot through the course of the game, which will show how everything moved…

      • No worries, Neil. I did not think you were overly critical at all. You raised a valid point that we have discussed and failed to find a good solution for yet. At a show we can only try to show the progress of the battle by moving the figures. A time-lapse video would be a great way of promoting the game online though. I’m not sure how practical it would be for a show, given our lack of techie knowledge. We did like the idea of filling up the area behind the advancing Lancastrian army with casualty markers though. That would be one way of showing where they had been. My other suggestion was to cut out lots of card arrows and place them on the table showing movement directions. Red ones for Lancastrians and White ones for Yorkists. It might work … 🙂

  4. Another great show, really enjoyable to listen to and good to hear that you are going to a more regular schedule. Keep ’em coming guys!

  5. Another great one guys – congrats on the new endeavours.

  6. Great show guys, though we seem to have moved on from best smelling glues to best smelling magazines? Just what do the Dutch put in their paper to make WSS smell so good?

  7. commander_roj // April 27, 2011 at 21:56 // Reply

    It was really good and a bit disappointing too. Really good in the sense that it is always really good to hear you two talking on and on… the longer the better in my opinion. But it was a bit of a shame too because i thought there would be more discussion of what the trends were at salute and the games played there. The magazine stuff was very interesting, but it took up most of the show! Very enjoyable nevertheless, and great to hear Veranda is going to be bi-monthly.

  8. Great to hear you again so soon!
    Of course I wished that I had known about the Joe Dever thread on TMP you referred to before I posted on my blog the other day.
    I scoured the blogs I read over the last week to compile some photos over on my blog there

  9. Can the next VftV be a discussion of the merits of collecting and playing with Spencer Smiths?


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