First play of ‘Hail Caesar’

Wednesday saw us play our first game of Hail Caesar – the new ancients rules written by Rick Priestly and published by Warlord Games.

I employeed the help of long-time gaming opponent Dave Luff (along with his rather nicely painted collection of 6mm Romans and Celts) to try out the rules and get some first impressions.

I must admit,  was very pleasently surprised by the result. I’ve always liked Warmaster: Ancients – or at least many of the mechanics – and Hail Caesar seems to take the best part of those rules and repackage them into a form that is really pleasing to both read and play.

We played a small game, with 7 or 8 units a side.

Dave Luff played the Ancient British General, whilst Josh (my son) controlled the Roman cavalry on the right flank

Whilst not designed for 6mm scale with the element sizes that we used, the game worked well with them, which shows that it is versatile.

On the downside, the book does not have an index and is a nightmare to navigate to find rules – especially in the heat of battle.

But, looking forward to our next game.

Roman Aux Cavalry retreat from British Chariots

4 Comments on First play of ‘Hail Caesar’

  1. Excellent Neil. It’s good to see some pics of a game in action that is not 28mm.

  2. Thanks for the nice AAR, Neil? In regard to your comment about the lack of an index in Hail Caesar, I personally find that the Rules Summary in Appendix 4 largely eliminates the need for an index.


  3. I really like Hail Caesar so far! It rejuvenated my lagging interest in Ancient Historical gaming.

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