2 Comments on Incoming 2.0 – Episode 4

  1. Martin Kearney // May 7, 2011 at 01:38 // Reply

    Arent chapter house already being sued by GW ? And i see what you mean about the figure .I have one of Scibors dwarf lords on a bear and they are really nice .think id be hunting for some nice big bat/dragon wings for that bull mind .

    • I didn’t realise that Martin – I assume over a similar IP issue…you may have thought that they would not try and heap fuel on the fire.

      Yes, I really like that Dwarf Lord on the Bear – probably a better figure than the one on the bull, to be honest.

      Bat wings on a bull? I can’t possibly think of the figure you have in mind 🙂 (Back in the days when Chaos Dwarfs were trendy!)

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