Gaming Update – April 2011

OK, somewhat belated, but here is my gaming update for April…


Miniature gaming was once again dominated by Ex Illis, with no fewer than 5 games in April. Still very much enjoying it – I just need to get my figure painting finished!

One of the big events of April was the Society of Ancients Battle Day. This year was Kadesh, and once again we took along an Epic scale Command and Colors game, playing it with plastic 20mm troops (including 38 chariots!). A fantastic day, all in all.

At Salute, I picked up a review copy of Hail Caesar, and I managed to get my first game in before the end of the month. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to playing it much more in future – this may very well become one of my rulesets of choice.

The best boardgame I played last month by far was 7 Wonders. This is a fast-playing card drafting civilisation game. A great game – very addictive. It was instantly on my ‘Must Have’ list.



I didn’t get any painting done last month.


Well, April was a busy month for Podcasts – not only did I publish 1 episode of Meeples & Miniatures and 2 episodes of View from the Veranda, but I also started an audio version of my old ‘Incoming’ video podcast…entitled ‘Incoming 2.0’


I tried to keep purchases to a minimum in April. I wanted to get hold of Killer Katana’s II, which are acknowledged to be a good and detailed set of rules for Sengoku period gaming. I’m looking to game this period in 6mm, using either these, or Peter Pig’s ‘Battles in the Age of War’. However, these rules have some excellent background detail, and have been on my list for a while.

Only a single miniature purchase this month, but it was a goodie…

Heresy Miniatures released their second limited-edition Hurn figure. This is another excellent figure, and whilst expensive (£12!) it is currently the finest available ‘Not-Predator’ on the market (now that Hurn I has sold out).

A must-buy as soon as I saw it. I’ve got my Aliens painted, I must really get my Gripping Beast Colonial Marines and these figures painted for some gaming (I wonder if you can generate Predators using the Tomorrow’s War system?)

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